Tocayo is a Taqueria and Tequila bar located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It’s a place for people to come together and share in their common love of authentic Mexican cuisine and sip on the finest Tequila.



Food with Roots

Chef Fermin Acosta began his culinary career in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Starting from the bottom, he learned the ropes by working with various chefs in the area. After honing his skills in the kitchen it was time for him to make his mark on the culinary scene. He began by creating the menu at TOTOPO, a Mexican restaurant in Mount Lebanon, and has now prepared something completely different, inspired by his Purépechan roots.

When creating a new recipe, I like to close my eyes and transport myself back to the kitchens of my childhood in Angagua, Michoacán, to pull flavors from my memories.

- Chef Fermin Acosta